Lesson Content

What will be covered in the Course of the Lessons?
We will always tailor the lessons to suit you. As you never have different instructors, your instructor will know what level you are at. This saves time, makes your lessons more beneficial and will allow you to learn more quickly.
Initially, you will be brought to a quiet, traffic free environment. The controls of the vehicle will be fully explained to you. You will control the vehicle, learn to move off, stop, turn and observe correctly.
As the lessons progress, you will learn at your own pace to position the vehicle correctly, travel at a safe speed and use your controls smoothly. Anticipation of problems and dangers both on the straight and at junctions and roundabouts will be thoroughly practised. Correct and precise signalling and the importance of a thorough knowledge of the rules of the road and courtesy will also be taught.
Reverse parking and turnabout of the car will all be fully explained and practised. All lessons are accompanied with the D.I.R colour file which shows in clear pictorial form what is expected of the student at every stage.
Along the way, the basic mechanical principles are taught - an understanding of how your car works undoubtedly leads to becoming a better driver. Each lesson finishes with a de-brief and a full written report.

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