What car to use?

If you have just started to drive, you may not have your own car just yet. Most people starting off will use one of the school's cars. The dual controlled cars allow you the freedom to learn to drive yourself but with the safety net of an experienced instructor beside you.

As the lessons progress and you become more confident, you may wish to use either your own car or a car you may be sharing with a friend of family member.

When you have gained more experience and are preparing for the test, we recommend you do any lessons and pre-tests in the car you will take the test in. The school's cars are available to hire for the driving test (please see Terms & Conditions )

Most major insurance companies will offer discounts to you if you have completed a course of driving lessons with a registered driving school. Please ask for further details.

Below are pictures of our fleet, please click on the image to enlarge
Driving lessons car options Driving lessons car options  Driving lessons car options Driving lessons car options

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